• What images work online & why?

  • How do images & audience drive ROI?

  • How do I manage all my image content?

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Your Needs

There's an explosion of images on the social web, especially on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With so much image content, how do you stand out? Which images are actually driving a good return on investment? How do you manage all of these images?

Our Solution

We offer the complete toolset to help marketers manage, analyze and track their images online.

Content Management System

We tag your images and enable you to easily search through them. We then provide easy bulk editing/resizing tools and allow you to schedule when to post.

Image Analytics

Track and understand which images work well and why. We provide deep insights down to which image colors work best for your target demographic.

Conversion analysis/reporting

We are obsessed on helping you to understand how your images are driving your ROI. We'll also provide the reporting tools to help you look like a rockstar.

Who we are

We are a team that's truly passionate about online images. Together, we ran the teams that built Bing Image Search and our current mission is to help you get the best ROI for your images.

  • Troy Ma
    Image Search Product Guru
  • Justin Hamilton
    Image Search Tech Jedi
  • Tabreez Govani
    Image Relevance Ninja



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