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Sparktrend analyzes competitors and leaders in each industry to extract patterns of what's really working.

Sparktrend provides a single, easy to use analytics dashboard for all your networks without charging you an arm and a leg.
See what content works
Get a pulse on what content is performing well. Easily browse what's working for your competitors, other brands that are doing well with a similar audience, and topics you care about.
Find effective trends and tactics
Sparktrend looks at all the content and posting behavior of your competitors and other brands that are doing well with a similar audience. Then Sparktrend's algorithms extract patterns and figure out which trends and tactics are really effective. This includes things like contest and promotion tactics, frequency of posts, text patterns, and image patterns.
One place for your analytics needs
We combine all of your top social networks' performance data into a single place. No more switching between different tools and native analytics pages! We even integrate your social performance with GA data to help you understand what content is driving traffic & conversions.

Networks we cover: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
Easy, customizable reports optimized for executives
Our social report builder will save you time in creating your weekly and monthly reports. Just select the time range, the metrics and sections you'd like to include, and export to pdf or csv. The report design and summaries will make it easy for anyone in the company to quickly understand social progress including executives.
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